Your ultimate guide to influencer marketing.
Omni Channel Support
Affiliate Marketing
Performance-based marketing model that leverages quality influencers to drive sales for brands and maximize ROI
Influencer Marketing
Collaborate with heavyweight influencers to run marketing campaigns and reach large audience through influencer creative content
Content Marketing
Create sophisticated and valuable content, like blogs and videos, to increase brand awareness and establish authority in the industry
Social Media
Help brands operate social media accounts, including publishing new content and interacting with followers to develop a large loyal audience
Data As Strategy
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Technology as the Core
2/3 of Kreatornow staff are technical specialists, supporting influencer marketing evolution with scientific logics and guiding promotion strategy smartly.
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Our decision-making is based on multi-dimensional data analysis, during strategy-making, influencer screening, campaign implementation and data processing for optimizing future promotion.
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Deep Insights into Industry
By analyzing influencer marketing environment and outputting industry report on regular basis, Kreatornow follows hot topics tightly and predicts future trends accurately, and apply these insights into content creation.
Creator Management
Multi-platform Influencers in All Categories
We have abundant influencer resources in all walks of life, including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, luxury, travel, etc., on major social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, to suit clients' different needs.
Precise Influencer Matching
Our database captures influencers' basic info in real time like traffic area & user profile, and has accumulated years of influencer performance like exposure & sales. Our anti-fraud technology can also help avoid influencers with fraudulent activities.
Influencer Content Management
Kreatornow influencers' posts are well-managed. We have professional creative team to guide influencers to produce content and also technology team to monitor post performance after publishing.
K. Shop
Direct to Consumers
K. Shop has a large existing consumer base. The group can be reached through partnership with Kreatornow, bringing brands high traffic and sales directly.
Combine Content Marketing and Sales Conversion
K. Shop influencers' posts drive sales by content, recommending products and sharing offers in various angles, guiding consumers to place orders.
Product Recommendation Supported by Data
K. Shop sorts the order of products by algorithms based on brand awareness, products' price competitiveness, CPA & Flat Fee support from clients.
Rich Advertiser Exposure Opportunities
K. Shop provides various exposure opportunities, including banners, influencer posts, best deals, help improve brand awareness and achieve sales.
Access to Global Premium Brands
K. Shop only cooperates with global premium brands and provide users high-class shopping experience.
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